Creative Facial Recognition Tablet

  • Our Advanced IR cameras allow for users to have masks on while
  • Our product offers highly accurate temperature readings +-.2°c
  • Our facial recognition feature ranges from half a meter all the way up to 3 meters
  • The facial recognition tablet comes with a HIGH quality 8 Inch Display
  • The Android operating system offers flexibility but maintains ease of use
  • Quick and easy temperature checks
  • Advanced facial recognition technologies
  • Adjustable stand with swivel
  • Elegant stand with led lights integrated
  • IR Heat scanner allows for accurate temperature readings in real-time
  • Applicable use case scenarios include but are not limited to; Office buildings, schools, shopping centers, concert halls, and more.
  • Temperature Synchronous Detection Technology.
  • Alarm System if someone without a mask and abnormal temperature detected.


Our Creative Face Recognition Tablet offers a variety of uses. In the current day and age temperature scans and face recognition is a common necessity. With our Facial Recognition Tablet temperature checks become a breeze allowing safer environments for all persons.

Our product can be used in a variety of systems like a Check-in system, Ticketing System, School management, Access Control, and etc….

With our product, no matter the situation, it will insure the safety of everyone. With the technology you are getting, you insure the security of everyone’s identity and the safety of their presence.


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