Creative Smart Board 65″, 76″, 86″ (Camera)

All boards work without projectors!

The Creative Smart Board Camera gives you the convenience of a big screen and the versatility of a touch enabled display with the added benefit of a built in camera. The built in camera allows users to join conference calls and classroom meetings with the ease of a button.

    • Intel Core i7 7th generation processor
    • Full Windows 10 Pro
    • 4K Display producing high-definition crisp images
    • Matte display for better viewing in brightly lit situations
    • Fast and Accurate Multi-point Touch Screen
    • High Definition Stereo Soundbar
    • 6 Directional Mics
    • FULL HD Wide Camera
    • Multiple Digital Whiteboards
    • Two integrated operating systems for ease of use
    • Full List of Conferencing Software
    • HD Speakers and built in Wi-Fi

*Adjustable stand sold separately 



All our interactive Smartboard models are ready to use out of the box. All the software needed for conferencing, teaching, and presentations will be pre-installed and configured for your convenience. We include the entire Office Suit, Zoom, Cisco WebEx, etc.…

Use case scenarios

  • Education:
    • In a classroom environment this board is the ultimate tool
    • From presenting powerpoints to watching informative videos this board can be used for all your classroom needs
    • The built in board application is a one stop solution that replaces the old and outdated white board, the application is full of useful tools that allow for students to use any color they want and draw picture perfect shapes for any scenario
    • The teacher can save class notes as a pdf file and easily provide it with the class allowing the students to always have access to their class notes and discussions
    • The bright display makes it easy for students to see the board in all light conditions
  • Conferences:
    • With the built in Camera and Microphone you can have crisp video conferences from all around the world
    • With the integration of the android operating system, sharing your screen has never been easier. Connect to the same wifi and download the eshare app and that’s all you need!
    • Using screen share you can show your presentations with the click of a button.
    • The bright display allows for all members to easily read fine text and the multi-point touch screen means that control is at your fingertips!
  • Anywhere!: Our boards are for all uses.
    • With Windows, users can complete any task!
    • The versatility of this board is unmatched, whether it be in the office or in the classroom our boards offer valuable features.


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